Hi, I'm Jonah! A Design leader with over 16 years experience building businesses, brands, & systems.

Iam the Director of Product Design at LogicGate. Previously, I ran design and product experience at Draftbit as the Director of Product Design, helped lead the Product Team as Head of Design at Blackbox , and was Home Chef's original Director of Product Design.


I enjoy the challenge of a complex problem and the process of reaching its ideal solution. My approach to problem-solving varies depending on the problem, the product, and the goals, but is grounded in a foundation of understanding the audience, their needs, and providing value to both them and the business.


That audience-focused mindset is a thread that carries over to how I approach growing and developing brands. When building a brand, it's essential to understand:

  • Your audience
  • Your product
  • Your market fit

Those 3 things will help inform the direction for your brand. That direction will lead you to a brand that resonates with the intended audiences in all forms of communication.


By nature, systems are built on patterns. Every business has a different set of patterns specific to their product that's informed by the product itself, the audience, and their behaviors. Systems should be flexible, but also consistent and communicated using the familiarity of the brand. This ultimately creates the best end-product for the intended audience.